So. Christians are leaving the church.

At this point in time, it’s not exactly a secret that Christians, especially young adults and families, are leaving the church in droves. This seems to be a problem unique to the western world, specifically in America. The question we’re all trying to answer is: why? America is still a majority Christian country  ( Americans are still interested in spirituality ( Americans still enjoy the … Continue reading So. Christians are leaving the church.

The Church CANNOT Compete with Starbucks

The Christian Church simply cannot compete with Starbucks. Likewise, we cannot compete with bars, casinos, clubs, lounges, theaters, restaurants, amusement parks, or arcades. We will lose every single time. Now, the good news is: we aren’t in competition with coffee houses or casinos. Companies like Starbucks and Dave and Busters exist solely to provide the consumer with entertainment and luxury. They will do whatever the … Continue reading The Church CANNOT Compete with Starbucks


When I was a little girl, with utter fascination, I would watch my mother do her hair and makeup everyday. The shimmers, the sheens, the hues – it was all so mesmerizing. She had these jars of pomade and gel that gave her hair a flattering shine. I thought it was all so glamorous. Like most little girls, I wanted to be just like my … Continue reading Messy

Let’s Talk About Religion

I’m more spiritual than religion Jesus is MY religion, man Keep your theology, keep your doctrine, keep your religion: Just give me Jesus It’s about a relationship, not religion. We’re even hearing it in contemporary Christian music. The song “The God I Know” by Love & The Outcome has a similar message. Religion is bad. That’s not what Christianity is about. Religion is man-made. You … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Religion

Confess Your Sins to One Another

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. – James 5:16 Over the years, I can’t help but notice that we’ve created this list of church-approved sins. Those sins, and those sins only, are the ones we will openly confess. Sure, we’ll tell our Bible … Continue reading Confess Your Sins to One Another

Modesty: Beyond Bikinis & Bra Straps

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog titled, “Women’s Ministries: Why so fluffy?”. (You can read the blog by clicking HERE.) In that blog I addressed the general lack of substance within many women’s ministries. Books, blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos directed towards Christian women tend to focus on two things and two things only: modesty and beauty. It’s frustrating, to say the least. … Continue reading Modesty: Beyond Bikinis & Bra Straps