Stop Throwing Relationships Away

Politics are considerably divisive in nature. As they say, if you want to avoid offending those around you; stay away from religion and politics. These are two topics that tend to be emotionally-charged and the conversation can become heated. Side note: you can and should offend for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. But that’s another blog for another day. I remember meeting a … Continue reading Stop Throwing Relationships Away

Don’t Take American Freedom For Granted

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It’s officially July, and all across the nation Americans will soon be popping fireworks and grilling with their families to celebrate American freedom (if they aren’t already). In the South especially, any patriotic holiday is celebrated enthusiastically, and rightly so. We have so much to be thankful for. Independence Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the bravery… Continue reading Don’t Take American Freedom For Granted

Permission to Unplug

These past few days, I really haven’t spent much time online. This was not a deliberate decision. I wasn’t intentionally “fasting” from the internet. I just haven’t had much time for social media, blogging, and videos. Firstly, I’ve been working very hard on a series for my small group. This series is much more research-heavy than I had anticipated. Putting this series together is demanding … Continue reading Permission to Unplug