“Until sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.” ~ Thomas Watson

We previously learned of Thomas Watson from a former blog entry I complied on his work on The Beatitudes. We also listed a bio. The link to that is here.

The next few blogs I want to help you get to know my good friend Thomas Watson a little more. He’s actually one of the most written and recognizable of the English Puritan divines.

I’d like to take a longer look at this great Puritan preacher and some of his principles we can glean from scripturally. There is no better place to start than his work on the Beatitudes. He has listed, in his work , what he calls “twelve high privileges of God’s children,” that I think are a masterful and pithy way to understand some of the blessings the believer possesses in the ninth verse of Matthew five as Jesus teaches on these great truths. I want to list the 12 points Watson has complied from this text to perhaps cause you to want to study this great pastors mind and work on the entirety of his exposition of Matthew 5:1-12. Here they are listed below with a quote and text from each:

1. God’s love towards them:

If we are children, then God will be full of tender love and affection towards us.

2. God bears with their infirmities:

A father bears much with a child he loves… (Malachi 3:17)

3. God accepts of their imperfect services:

A parent takes anything in good part from his child… (2 Corinthians 8:12)

4. God provides for them:

He gives us allowance and lays up for us a heavenly portion… (2 Corinthians 12:14)

5. God shields off dangers from them:

A father will protect his children from injuries… (Psalm 7:10)

6. God reveals to them the great things of His law:

A father will teach his children… (Psalms 71:17)

7. God gives them boldness in prayer:

The child goes in confidence to his father, and he cannot find it in his heart to deny him. (Luke 11:39)

8. God brings them into a state of freedom:

They are freed from the law of sin. (Romans 8:2)

9. God makes them heirs apparent to the promise:

The promises are called precious…(2 Peter 2:4) They are a cabinet of jewels.

10. God gives them His blessing:

‘They are the seed with which the Lord has blessed’ (Isaiah 61:9)

11. God works all things for their good:

The mercies of God shall soften them.

12. God keeps them from perishing:

Those who are adopted are out of the power of damnation. (Romans 8:1)

These are poignant and simple truths of God’s promises to His people. Take some time to check out some of Watson’s works. We will be with him for the next few blogs.