Summer is here! It’s time for picnics, barbecues, trips to the beach, and days at the pool! BUT, let’s not forget everyone’s favorite summer activity: seeing non-stop blogs and videos reminding us to be modest in the summer! Lots of Christian ministries, especially women’s ministries, are going to pull all of their modesty lectures out of the archives. They wouldn’t want us to forget, I guess.

Pardon my sarcasm. It’s just that I’ve been a part of the church for a very long time. I’ve heard SO MANY modesty talks. How many modesty talks have I heard over the years? It’s more than the drops in the ocean…Ooo, Ooo… (Okay, and I’ve even written some. I guess my sarcasm is a bit hypocritical.)

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If you’ve ever sat through a modesty lecture, at some point you’ve heard: girls should dress in a way that is modest as to not cause their brothers in Christ to stumble. Does that sound familiar? We’ve all heard something along those lines. This very narrative is starting to create some problems in the church. Women are starting to get mad, feeling as if they’re being blamed for the sins of their brothers. Folks are starting to dig in their heels and reject this idea that men lust, women are lusted after.

Of course it is absolutely ludicrous to assume that only men struggle with lust and women are merely the objects of their lust. When we take this narrative a step further and proclaim that that’s just how men are; we’re really in some trouble. Scripture teaches that to even look at a women with lust in your heart is to already have committed adultery. If your eye cause you to stumble; pluck it out. (Paraphrase of Matthew 5:28-30)

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Men need to take responsibility and not blame women for their sin. And please, do not get sucked into this idea that you just can’t help yourself. Yes, you have a sinful and fallen nature. You have also been empowered by the Holy Spirit. So stop that. Don’t justify your sin. (Ladies, that goes for us, too).

It’s spiritual immaturity to put all the blame on your sisters in the Lord. It sounds as juvenile as she started it! For your consideration: not every woman walking around aims to glorify God. We have non-believing neighbors who really aren’t concerned with whether or not their clothing is modest. Dear brothers, you should learn to avert your eyes and take every thought captive.

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I stand by what I stay: women cannot be blamed for the sins of men. However, we also should not be a stumbling block for our brothers. If wearing clothing that is modest makes it easier for them to keep their thoughts pure; why wouldn’t we do that? Putting on clothing that isn’t revealing is a very easy thing to do. Again, I ask: why wouldn’t we want to do this.

I’ve encountered women online who boldly proclaim they will wear what they want as a form of protest. If they’re going to get the finger pointed at them anyway, might as well. This is spiritual immaturity as well. I understand modesty is a discussion. But again, for your consideration, please ask yourself if you are glorifying God by wearing what you want to spite your brothers in the Lord.

We all should be aiming to grow in our faith and become more like Jesus. Blaming women for your sin and dressing immodestly as a form of protest is not Christ-like behavior. Let us aim to love one another, encourage one another and bear one another’s burdens. Always.

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And not act like this, maybe

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