Every Valentine’s day, it’s the same song and dance, right? We see a myriad of pictures of chocolates, flowers, and edible arrangements. Everyone is showing off the gifts their significant other bought for them.

Now, that’s all well and good. It’s fine to exchange gifts on Valentine’s day; my husband and I certain did. There’s no harm in participating in this tradition. However, it is certainly the expectation and social norm. It’s like giving gifts on Christmas or an anniversary; it’s just what you do.

For your consideration: be sure to remind your spouse you love them the other 364 days of the year. Let them know that they’re on your mind all year round. A gift or random act of kindness that catches your spouse off-guard is beyond romantic. Buying a present or cooking a special dinner on a non-holiday can be a wonderful way to let your spouse know they matter to you.

This idea isn’t just for married people. This is something you can do for your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend; WHOEVER! If you see something in a store that you’re mom would like; pick it up for her. If you know your brother has been working 100 hours a week; go over and make him a nice dinner. If you have a friend who has recently lost a loved one, send them some flowers. The smallest gesture can mean a lot to someone.

Remember, love is an action word. It’s not just something we feel, but something we do. Be sure to show people, with your actions, that you love them and care about them.