Let’s talk about serving the church, shall we?

Not everyone is capable of serving on the worship team, right? Not everyone can sing or play an instrument. Not everyone has the ability to teach or preach. Some folks just would not do well leading a Bible study. And some people, just don’t have a head for numbers. Keep them away from the church’s ledgers. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

There are roles to be filled within the church that, I believe, require a certain type of person. There are ministries that require a person be gifted in a certain area. That being said, there are those tasks that, literally, anyone can do. Some stuff just needs to get done by whoever is available!

It has been my experience that there are two main reasons why people avoid serving where they’re needed:

1. They don’t want to be inconvenienced

2. They don’t feel that’s where they’re gifted

Some of the ways we serve the church require more sacrifice than others. If you work in children’s ministry, you’re going to miss church from time to time. You’re also going to have to do a bit of prep work for your class. If you volunteer to clean the church, you’re going to give up your own time during the week. If you’re in youth ministry, I can promise you, you’ll probably end up giving kids a ride home. Whereas singing on the praise team or being an usher requires much less sacrifice. Let’s be real honest here: cleaning the church bathroom is not as fun as some of the other ways we could serve. Unless, of course, you happen to be a Monica Geller type who loves to clean.

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Additionally, we want to serve where we feel we are most gifted. If we believe we have a gift for leadership, we want to be on a board or committee making decisions. If we believe we have a gift for teaching, we want our own class on Tuesday nights. Now, it’s not bad to recognized your own gifts and abilities, but perhaps we’re a bit too selective.

If you’re a great businessman, I bet you would do great on some sort of church committee. But, where are you needed now? If the pastor keeps saying the church needs volunteers to clean, why aren’t you doing it? If you’re available, go and serve. Nobody has the spiritual gift of scrubbing toilets. But it needs to be done. If that’s beneath you, truthfully, you’re not ready for leadership anyway.

Likewise, it’s like pulling teeth to try to get parents to take a week teaching Sunday school. Perhaps, you don’t feel like a gifted teacher. But, if you’re a Christian parent, you’re already in children’s ministry. You’re already equipped to teach those kids. Additionally, every volunteer in children’s ministry needs the chance to hear a sermon. Give those teachers a break, especially if they’re teaching your children.

Whether you know where you’re gifted or not, truthfully, it doesn’t matter. What the church needs more than folks who excel in a particular area, are folks who are available. I will close with this; if you see a need in your church or your community, go and meet that need. You don’t need to be the best man (or woman) for the job, you just need to go.


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