2 thoughts on “Your sexual purity is NOT a gift for your husband

  1. I have a big problem with purity teachings – but it’s only in recent years have I learned that there’s a negative side effect to how it has affected members of my generation. Some have actually developed a profound fear of sex. After years of taking every thought captive telling themselves “no”, their wedding night is fraught with trouble in that their bodies say “no” even when they want to say “yes, finally” – it’s called vaginismus. Others feel that it’s sort of like committing the original sin – once you lose your purity, you lose your perfect status before God. You are now impure and imperfect. When I was a kid, I got all the standard Purity teachings, from the “gift” to “broken goods” to “soul ties” – but what I really needed was encouragement to date others – but my church made me too afraid and were more than pleased to see their daughters not being worldly in any sense.


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