Hi, I’m Rusty

I live in Buckinghamshire, England with my wife and son.

Despite going to church for a while as a kid, I didn’t have a religious upbringing. A few years ago, I randomly began studying Judaism (I randomly study a variety of things at a whim). I felt a strong pull toward God through my research, starting reading the Old Testament and developed a relationship with God.

During this time, my wife and I had got married but were having fertility issues, which resulted in 3  miscarriages, one from IVF. God’s word and His promises got me through and faith in the Bible stories of barren women who mothered histories most prominent figures gave me hope.

Eventually, by a miracle and science, my wife fell pregnant naturally and with some very cutting edge treatment was able to carry our son full term.

During her pregnancy, a friendship with a Christian colleague led me to pick up the New Testament to study to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Many doubts I had about Judaism were fixed by Christ. The fullness and completeness​ of God’s plan all made sense. All the “wow” moments I had in those early days!

I attended Church, got saved within weeks and baptised in months.

It’s not exactly been plain sailing since,  but I’ll leave that for another day. I’m a keen student of the Word, always cross referencing stuff from the OT with the NT, looking for more revelations and continuity in the word.

Currently trying to build a stronger relationship with Christ.



Additionally, Rusty will be joining the Christians in Motion team. He will be focusing on social media and helping us reach more people. This allows me to focus more on creating content (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc). I’m excited to see what the future brings. Thank you all for your love and continued support