There have been several times that I’ve been invited to participate in various service projects. Sadly, more often than not, I have to decline the invitation. For example, recently a church in my area was participating in a service project where in which they were repairing the homes of the elderly. In order for me to go, I would have needed someone to stay with my kids for the entire day. Frankly, the idea of my 3 year old around a nail gun is absolutely terrifying. However, finding someone to take both my girls for an entire day is nearly impossible.

Can you imagine her near a nail gun?

It’s frustrating, to say the least, to see my brothers and sisters in Christ doing so much good while I just have to stand on the side-lines and watch. I’ve started to feel somewhat…useless.

I have this tendency to want to be a part of something monumental and amazing. I want to be a part of a church-plant. I want to go on a missions trip. I want to start a charity. I got it in my head that in order to be a humble servant, I have to do something eye-catching.

The irony set in as I thought of my desire to be a humble servant while simultaneously wanting to be noticed.

We have moments, every single day, where we have the opportunity to serve. Maybe, you won’t be the founder or a 501c3 or be the star in a viral internet video; but the opportunities are there. Maybe, we just don’t see them.

When we have a friend with a newborn baby, and we bring her a cooked-meal and help her clean her house: we serve. When we help our neighbor drag his garbage cans down to the end of his driveway, we serve. When we help our grandma mow her grass, we serve. These opportunities are, actually, all around us. We just miss them.

This is a fairly short post, but I just want to leave you with this: don’t ever pass up a chance to serve. Be the hands and feet where ever you are. Whatever you can do, do that. Just because the world may not see what we’re doing, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t see.

Take care and God bless.