We all have that list of movies we can watch over and over again, all the while, never getting bored with them.


For me, basically any movie starring Ben Stiller is on that list. Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Zoolander have me in stitches every time I watch them.

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Of course, The Princess Bride, is a cinematic masterpiece, so naturally, it’s on my list.

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And then there are the guilty-pleasure movies. Those movies you’re ashamed to admit you love. For me, Super Troopers, The Parent Trap, and How to lose a guy in 10 days all make that list.

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But the one movie that is at the very top of my list is Fried Green Tomatoes. It has everything I absolutely love in a movie. I actually did read the book and I liked the movie better (that rarely happens). But hello…Kathy Bates.

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What’s interesting to me about all these movies that I would call my favorites is they always have the same effect on me. The funny parts always make me laugh. The sad parts always make me cry. The suspenseful scenes always have me on the edge of my seat. That to me makes a good film a great film.

The Gospel is much like a great film in the sense that it never stops having an effect on me.

God is never done working on us. We are never done become better disciples of Christ. The Gospel has the power to propel us into becoming better men and women of God. Every time we remind ourselves of all that Christ did for us, we find new motivation to mirror our lives after His.

The Gospel never loses its power. That friend of family that still doesn’t know Christ…don’t ever stop preaching the Gospel to them. Don’t ever assume that just because they’ve heard it once, that you’re done witnessing to them. Keep preaching the Good News over and over and over again.

So like your favorite movie, just keep playing that Gospel message on repeat…

Be encouraged and God bless!