Taking a Break

The past few weeks, I’ve taken a bit of a break from the internet. Initially, I felt the need to apologize for my lack of blogs and videos, but I’m sure that all of you found other information on the internet to hold you attention (haha). I’m willing to bet no one was biting their nails in a nervous frenzy waiting for my next post.

The reality is, after a while, there internet has started to bother me. Between the hurtful comments and Christian infighting, it really begins to wear me down. It’s not just within Christian circles, it’s the internet as a whole.

We often forget that behind the avatars and screen names, there is a human being. We aren’t throwing our ad hominem attacks at robots; real human beings with feelings are reading our words and responding to them.

Over the past few months, I’ve been told to kill myself, have been called a “worthless piece of shit”, and have had my salvation questioned. It hurts. And I needed to step away from that.

I had to withdraw into the Lord’s presence. That’s where I feel the most safe.

My mind knows that when people talks to me in such a hateful way, there is likely pain within them. I know this. That doesn’t change the fact that it isn’t fun to have someone project their pain onto you.

I believe it is good for us to unplug sometimes. We spend so much time staring at an illuminated screen that it can become a distraction. We often neglect to spend that one on one time with God because the internet can provide instant gratification. Sadly, we miss out on something very real and important when we don’t step away from our phones and computers.

I’m ready to dive back into it all. But, I believe the constant flood of nasty comments is something that I’ll always have to battle against. It isn’t easy putting yourself out there and preaching God’s truth, but it is the calling on my life.

I know that Christ has suffered far more than I ever will, so I guess I just need to find a way to live with it. Perhaps, I need to anchor myself more in Christ so these comments don’t get to me so much.

To wrap this up, to those of you who continue to pour out your love and support, words cannot express how much you mean to me. I ask that you keep me and Christians in Motion in your prayers.

Much love and God bless


5 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles. For me, it helps me to remember that it’s not me they’re rejecting or angry at; it’s God through/in me. Then, in a way, it’s comforting to be attacked. After all, Christ promised that if we were following Him, persecution would come. Which means it’s a lack of persecution in our lives that we should really worry about. I know it’s odd for us humans to think about it that way, but that’s the reality, even if it’s difficult to endure. So, that’s what I try to remind myself. Then I pray for the individual who is attacking me, because they are clearly not saved (or they wouldn’t be saying such horrible things) and that means they need Jesus. Fortunately, it’s very difficult to feel anything but love for someone when you’re praying for God to win in their lives.


      1. Sadly, even Christ’s greatest opposition came from within the church (especially the leaders), so we should expect that, as well. I have always found my fiercest opposition to come from within. I believe it is for much the same reason as it was with Christ… The leaders had preconceived ideas and felt great pride in their own interpretations, so, when Jesus corrected error, they retaliated in their injured pride. But I consider it a strong lesson to myself never to allow my own pride to make me unteachable. In fact, at this very moment I am studying a topic I had previously thought differently on and I am gaining a deeper understanding only because I have remained open, knowing that I am not the final word on anything. So, what can we do? Remain humble and pray for those who persecute us (as the Bible teaches) and not speak out to defend ourselves (as Christ remained silent when faced with false charges). Sideways battles are just a distraction of the enemy. We must keep our eyes upward and let the word of God speak for itself and let God defend us as He sees fit. It isn’t easy, but God is our strength. He can keep us focused on the right fight.

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