6 thoughts on “Angry Christians [video]

      1. Yes, the color changes on the film mode helped to take what some might consider to be the “edge” off. I don’t intend to be overly critical, but ass. I was watching your video, I remembered how I might have once been considered one of those “cloberin’ time” kind of people. There really is a belief there that if you speak God’s Word in truth, the Holy Spirit will move and “Bam!” there will be a huge conversion experience. I think that comes from some of the accounts in Acts. But we are in a different time now (and there aren’t too many signs and wonders), and people have become “desensitized” (for lack of a better word) to “clobberin’ time” kinds of messages. I think you did a great job of helping people to realize that they need to put themselves in the place of the other person before speaking. Just my 2ยข worth!


      2. Oooooo you said a bad word! I’m telling! Jk lol. But we’ve all been there, he know? For most Christians, I do believe their are fueled by a love for God, but their delivery could use some work. A bit of tact never hurts, right?

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