Perhaps, I’m over-reaching. Perhaps, I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but, hear me out.


It’s no secret to anyone that we use sex to sell everything from burgers to cars. Popular television shows like Orange is the New Black and Shameless contain so many sex scenes they are, honestly, soft-core porn. Our country is completely sex-obsessed. We know that. But honestly, I think it’s far worse than we realize.

We find it odd when a mother kisses her child on the lips. There was a huge controversy a few months ago when actress, Hillary Duff, kissed her 4-year-old son. I’ve heard plenty of people say that kissing your child on the lips is inappropriate. And why do we think that? Because in our culture, kissing is sexual. Of course we think kissing your child is inappropriate if kissing is sexual. The irony is, we don’t find it odd that people will kiss a perfect stranger, but kissing your children on the lips, that’s where we’ll draw the line. And side-note: if you can’t differentiate between the way mommies and daddies kiss from the way mommies and babies kiss, I don’t think I can help you.

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We’re offended by breastfeeding and childbirth. Yet we’re not offended by nudity and pornography. And why? Because we don’t mind seeing women’s bodies when they’re being sexualized. We do mind, however, when women’s bodies are doing what they’re meant to do. It would seem that seeing women in a way that isn’t sexual bothers us.

It’s reached a point where we’ve even begun to sexualize children. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve seen clothing for babies that says things like “sexy thang” on it. A baby is not sexy. They’re adorable, not sexy. If you think babies are sexy, again, I can’t help you. Perhaps a really good therapist can.

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I could go on and on, but I hope you see my point. Of course Christians look like prudes compared to our sex-obsessed culture. It’s completely counter-cultural to NOT be completely sex-obsessed. It’s counter-cultural to be bothered by half-naked women trying to make burgers sexy (lookin’ at you, Hardees). It’s counter-cultural to think it’s a bad idea to have sex with a perfect stranger. And it’s most definitely counter-cultural to believe sex should stay within the confines of marriage.

Saint Philaret of Moscow said, “A fish that is alive swims against the flow of water. One that is dead floats down the river. A true Christians goes against the current of the sinful age. A false one is swept away with the current.”

I’m certainly not implying that sex is sinful. It can be, it isn’t always. There are so many things God created that were meant to be good, but we abuse them. Sex and food are two wonderful examples. Of course food is good, it keeps us alive. I do believe it was meant to be enjoyed as the good Lord gave us taste buds. And I feel the same way about sex. I do believe sex was intended to be good and it was meant to be enjoyed. God wouldn’t have designed sex to be pleasurable if it wasn’t meant to be enjoyed.

However, we’ve taken things that God designed to be good and we’ve made them sinful. Our obsession with sex if neither good nor healthy. Our sex-crazed culture is evidence that we no longer view sex as something that is sacred. Rather, we view it the same as we would a clever jingle or a hand shake.

So, what do we do about it? Well, for starters, we refuse to participate in this nonsense. Perhaps, we think twice before buying our 6 month old a “sexy thang” onesie. Get them a onesie with a cute giraffe or a penguin on it instead. Perhaps we rethink the shows we watch. We rethink the music we listen to. We can, most definitely, vote with our dollar.

We can also use our voice. We can tell companies who use half-naked women to sell their products that we’re not okay with it. Hardee’s recently released a statement that they’re going to be changing their advertisement. If enough people speak up, these companies will change.

And, lastly, we adhere to God’s design. God didn’t want us to have sex with just anybody. He designed sex to bind us to one person: our spouse. Stick to that plan. If you’ve already broken this command, it isn’t too late to ask for forgiveness.

In conclusion: I want to hear your thoughts. Should we be concerned about our sex-obsessed culture? What should we do about it?

God bless