Hi Friends,

I will keep this blog short, sweet, and to-the-point. From here on out, Christians in Motion will be a Christian blog for Christian women.

Ultimately, our content won’t change all that much. However, the decision to become a Christian women’s blog, specifically, is one I’ve been praying about for quite a while and I believe this is the right move. We will still be talking about much of what we’ve talked about in the past, but we will just be a bit more focused.

To the few men who follow our page, we’re not trying to push you away, you’re still welcome to be here, we just want you to be aware who our target audience is now.

Also, we won’t be changing our name. We’re “Christians in Motion” everywhere, so we’re not going to change that. Frankly, it would be too much of a pain.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, leave us a comment. You can also message us on Facebook. That’s usually the fastest way to reach us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. God bless!