It began when I was a child. I remember laying in the grass and watching puffy, white clouds slowly slide across a bright blue sky. For hours, I just laid there and watched. I thought to myself, “How does God have such control over the sky?” The sky was so peaceful and serene. How did God manage it? How did He hold it in place?


Years later, I took an evening bike ride. I rode a couple miles away form my house to an abandoned farm. I pumped my bike to the top of the hill and stopped. Out of breath and sweating, I gazed out. The colors of the sky as the sun set were the perfect background against the grassy hill. Once again, I found myself utterly amazed at God. Not only did He have control, He was beautiful. What He created was just so beautiful.


A few more years go by and I am now a teenager. By this point, my parents had done some remodeling on our house. Our porch was now a closed-in laundry room with a roof. I could access this roof by climbing out my bedroom window, which I often did. I usually was yelled at for doing this, but it never stopped me. Any time I had a friend sleep over, we’d sneak out my window at night and watch the stars. My friends would usually get cold or tired and go back inside. But I would just lay there, for hours, staring at the stars. Again, I would find myself completely in awe of our Creator. Living out in the country, you could really see the beauty of a star-spangled sky.

Just last summer, it was outside with my camera at sunrise. My neighbor was awake and sitting on his porch. He noticed me snapping pictures of the sunrise. He looked at me and said, “You’re a bit of a sky chaser, aren’t you?”


I never heard it put that way before. A sky chaser. “Yeah, I guess I am!” I replied. To this day, I still experience that same amazement when I look at the sky. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look to the stars for answers, because I look to the very one who made those stars.

Note: All the pictures in this blog are pictures I took.