Earlier this month, my sister lost one of her closest friends. It is with sorrow I write that this young man over-dosed on heroin. He isn’t the first and he won’t be the last life lost to drugs. Sadly, there will be more. There will be more mothers and fathers burying their children before they were even old enough to buy a lottery ticket. There will be more high school and college students who will miss class to attend their friend’s funeral.

I’m disgusted at myself for the way in which I viewed these over-doses: apathetically. It’s so easy to shrug your shoulders, shake your head in disgust, and assume their life wouldn’t have amounted to anything anyway. Hey, one more junkie off the streets, right? But these young men and women, they need a savior. They need hope and they need healing. They need the love of Jesus Christ.

In Bible Study, we prayed for this young man and his family. I prayed the words, “Father, break our hearts for what breaks yours.” In an instant, He did. This generation, they are so desperately searching for something, and they’re not finding it. When they don’t find what they’re looking for, they withdraw. We’re seeing folks spiraling down vicious cycles of sin and death. We, the church, we have the answer: Jesus.

This post isn’t just about drugs. This post is about every single person who is turning to sin to try and find some sort of fulfillment, identity, freedom, or validation. It is about every person who is walking around broken. It is for every person who is confined to the chains of sin and death.

I know the kind of freedom I experience in Jesus. There is nothing greater. That is what I want for my generation. I want them to experience the love and peace that I’ve found in my Savior. I want this entire world to know that there is something so much greater for you than a life of sin. There is Jesus. I just want to shout it from the mountains.

All I’m asking is that you pray. Humble yourself and pray. The only hope for this world is Jesus. Our president can’t save us. A hashtag or political movement can’t save us. You can pass more laws and go to more protests, but that won’t save us either. We’re experiencing a sin problem and a heart problem. We’re experiencing a world of people who have turned from God. Until we return to our creator, things are only going to get worst.