Christians are told to get into the Word and study it. But…how exactly do you do that? If you are a new Christian, or perhaps a Christian who struggles with reading the Bible, we want to help! Please don’t feel foolish if you aren’t sure where to begin or how to study the Word. This is an area where many struggle.  We want to thank our good friend Pastor Dave Jones for writing this article. God bless!

  1. First, be realistic. Most new Christians are so excited; they want to start by reading the Bible an hour a day. It is better to start with reading 1 chapter a day, pray before reading it, asking God for understanding, read 1 passage, and then reflect on that.
  2. DO NOT read the Bible cover to cover. Most people start with Genesis and by Leviticus, stop reading. It is better to start with Mark or John, then reading 1 John and some of the epistles. Hebrews, Revelations, Romans, should really wait until one has a little better understanding of their faith.
  3. Once you have read a few books in the New Testament, perhaps add a reading from Psalms to complement the NT reading every day.
  4. Once this habit of reading daily has developed (3 months or so), look for a 3 year Bible reading plan that will sample from the New and Old Testament every day.
  5. Purchase a good lay commentary that gives a synopsis of each book, and a bit of the social and cultural background of each passage. It is impossible to know what the Bible means without first knowing what it mean to those to whom it was written.
  6. Lastly, I think those reading the Bible do need to understand that this was a book written over 3,000 years, not as one book, but many that were collected over time because they inspired people of faith. Therefore, each one of the 66 books in the Bible has gone through a lengthy vetting before being passed on to the church.



Recommended Commentaries:

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The Expositor’s Bible Commentary


The New Daily Study Bible (New Testament)


Peake’s Commentary on the Bible


Other Resources:

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Written by Pastor David Jones of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

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Intro written by Kristin Geckle