We think of idols and we think of golden calves and statues of false gods. Let me assure you that anything we put before God is an idol. Anything we try to stuff into the God-shaped hole in our heart, besides God, is an idol. Cigarettes, alcohol, food, porn, sex, drugs, our career, relationships, fame, money, our family…they can all be idols. And I will argue that the rectangular hunk of plastic, that takes HD videos and has a built-in GPS, that your fingers are perpetually glued to, is an idol. Not only does your phone come before your relationship with God, you’ve become a slave to it.

The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before bed is check your phone. Our kids are desperate to get our attention but we’re too busy posting pictures of our kids on Instagram to notice. Ironic isn’t it? There is no pillow talk between couples. Husband and wife lay together perusing Pinterests. We’ll even risk our own safety to play on our phones. I see people every single day driving their cars, often with kids in the back, while texting. And who has time to read their Bible? Or pray? Or worship? Or just sit in silent reverence…when something exciting might have happened on Facebook in the last 30 seconds? Folks, we have a problem here.


I’ve had many conversations with Christians who say they just can’t find the time to read their Bible. They don’t have time to really pray. They throw up random popcorn prayers throughout the day, but they aren’t having deep conversation with God. They can’t make time for God, but I see their Facebook being updated every 20 minutes. And before you wave your finger at me, yes, I was as guilty as anyone. I wouldn’t know that YOUR Facebook was being updated if I wasn’t on it myself.

What I’m suggesting here is simple: put down your phone occasionally. If you have time to look at salads in mason jars on Pinterest, you have time to get into the Word. If you have time to play Candy Crush (does anyone play that anymore?), then you have time to pray. If you have 30 seconds to reply to a message, you have 30 seconds to thank God for the air that you breathe, your family, your health, or whatever other blessings He has bestowed upon you. But you, dear brother or sister, need to be disciplined. You need to MAKE YOURSELF put down that phone.

For me, night time, is MY time. The kids are asleep, my husband hasn’t come home from work yet. I have 2 glorious hours in the evening to do whatever I want. Usually, I’d play The Sims for an hour, and then I would mindlessly scroll through my various social medias. I didn’t have time for God but I had time to take care of my Sims. The Holy Spirit really convicted me of that. I was lying to myself, to my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I was lying to God. I had to make myself put down the phone, put down the tablet, get off the computer and read my Bible and spend some time in prayer. During the day I’ve started plugging my phone into speakers and playing worship music all day. Let me tell you, since I started doing this, it has been nothing but a good thing. Funny how when we actually spend time with God, our relationship with Him becomes stronger.

So, to wrap this all up. Whoever you are reading this, I may not know you personally. I don’t know how demanding your job is, how many hours a day you have to work, how many children you have, how much laundry you still have to do, or how busy you are. I have no idea how you manage your time. But I DO know, if you’re reading this…you’re online. It’s likely that when you’re doing reading this blog, you were going to get back on Facebook. I also know that nothing is more important than God. Nothing. I want to encourage you, if you have a certain time of day when you like to play online, give that time to God.

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

God bless you all.