Welcome to Christians in Motion. We are an online community of Christians, dedicated to strengthening the church. In everything we do, first and foremost, we desire to bring Glory to God.

Our mission is to help build a community of Christians with passion and purpose. Through love and encouragement, we hope to strengthen your walk with God and help you reclaim your faith. Let us be a generation of Christians that make a change. Let us work together, as one church, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Let us be Christians in Motion.


What is a Christian in Motion?

A Christian in Motion is a soul on fire, a body at work, and a life with passion and purpose.


Our relationship with Christ should transform every single aspect of our life. It should change how we spend our time and money, how we speak, our relationships, the movies we watch, and the music that we listen to. But more importantly, our relationship with Christ should change our heart and our desires. God is to come before everything else.

Written by: Kristin Geckle, Christians in Motion Staff