Podcast – Biblical Inerrancy & Idolatry

Our podcast – follow this link Additional Resources Dr. James White on the transmission of Scripture – https://youtu.be/BqcwcxoxoUo Jesus is the Word of God – Jesus or the Bible is the Word of God? Reliability of the NT – https://youtu.be/teW_JVTQuD0 Biblical Inerrancy – From Got Questions Ministries   Continue reading Podcast – Biblical Inerrancy & Idolatry

Sorry for being snarky | 2018 Goals

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about the way in which we, as Christians, speak to one another. We were discussing how our words can wound our brothers and sisters. It’s possible that what we say could hurt our witness as well. As we were talking, my mind instantly began to think of all the foul-mouthed Christians I know. I began thinking about how … Continue reading Sorry for being snarky | 2018 Goals

The Church Does NOT Need Feminism

Enough Christians have said the words “the church needs feminism” to me or around me that it seems appropriate to address it. For years, secular ideology has managed to creep its way into the church. Now, it no longer has to slyly slink through the doors; we welcome it with open arms. As a matter of fact, we’re willing to make secular ideals our baseline. … Continue reading The Church Does NOT Need Feminism